"Teachers need support to deliver science that students can understand. For me, teaching the concepts of structural engineering to Grade 3 students is challenging. Today's Scientists in School presentation showed me how to do it. The students had fun exploring how shapes affect structures, investigating tension, and experimenting with bridge designs. I saw how a master presenter organizes and proceeds through learning explorations so that all students can build their scientific understanding. It was just as exciting for me! My presenter answered all of my questions, suggested follow-up activities, gave me online resources, and is available for follow-up by email. Thank you for supporting my growth as a science teacher. My students will benefit from my improved science teaching."

- C. Honsberger, Teacher, Bayview Heights P.S., Durham District School Board

"The students and parent volunteers loved the centres and 'everything'. The feedback from parents who were not at the session has been overwhelming - their children could not stop talking about their experience. We are spending part of this week doing follow-up activities. I look forward to sharing another workshop with a new class."

- Anonymous quote sent from a teacher in our West Central Ontario Region

"SiS is intellectually stimulating, captures students' 'scientific' minds and does not let go! The presenters are role models who immerse students in science through enriching investigations. The materials and their application only reach their full potential when presented by an expert from SiS. I book SiS each year and will do so as it is a perfect complement to the Ontario science curriculum."

- D. Liddle, Teacher, Brooklin Village J.P.S., Durham District School Board

"Thanks again for an enjoyable morning. I am not sure who had more fun - the students, the parents or I. As you watch those little faces as they "discover", it reminds us of why we do what we do ... thanks for helping to make that happen."

- Sherry Fleming, Kindergarten Teacher, Upper Grand District School Board

"The workshop Math Builders was fabulous. All of my grade 5 students participated in the workshop with enthusiasm and delight. My students asked if they could skip recess and continue working in their groups. When my students are asking to do something like this and miss recess, it is a testimonial that they are having fun while learning. I would highly recommend that other teachers support Scientists in School."

- D. Henry, Teacher, Fleming P.S., Toronto District School Board

"This presentation made science come alive for my inner city children"

- Teacher, Sprucecort P.S., Toronto District School Board

"I was impressed with the hands-on science experiments and the many artifacts that the children could touch and feel. The children were excited to use the tools real scientists use. The students all had lots of opportunity to discuss ideas and do some critical thinking. They were engrossed in each of the five centres and were intrigued with the furs, snake skins, shells, hermit crabs, porcupine quills, feathers and microscopes!"

- J. Van Geel, Teacher, St. Bernar E.S., Ottawa Catholic District School Board

"Scientists in School is a great program that models for students just how fun and interesting science is! Having people with careers in the field of science in the classroom, gives students something to aspire to! The enthusiasm for learning is contagious thanks to the well planned hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts taught!"

- J. Contant, Teacher, Viscount Alexander P.S., Ottawa Catholic District School Board

"The Scientists in School program is the best thing I've discovered since becoming a teacher. If you're looking for engaging and fun science activities for your students, then this is the organization for you. I've had a couple of different workshops and both my students and I have enjoyed every minute. Book one, it's worth it!"

- A. Wiegelmann, Teacher, Stittsville P.S., Ottawa-Carlton District School Board

For Teachers

Resources and Activities

  • Whats the Matter
  • A-maze-ing forces
  • Disappearing Pumpkins
  • Spring Eggs-ploration
  • Disappearing Candy Canes
  • make an elastic car
  • create an apple mummy
  • chillin summer science
  • whale tails
  • springs are in the air
  • have your pi
  • catapult construction
  • gumball science
  • paper plate pursuits
  • marshmallow launcher
  • messy outdoor science
  • Seed Sensations
  • Marble Mania
  • Simple science with straws
  • Let it snow
  • Making friends witha tree
  • Tree finders guide


Why book a Scientists in School (SiS) workshop?

We're the fieldtrip that comes to you! A Canadian charity, we work with you to make science fun and relevant for every child - all in your own classroom. During each half-day workshop, students become scientists in their classroom by participating in investigative activities which enrich provincial Science and Technology, Kindergarten or Mathematics curricula. SiS also provides valuable extensions and real world applications to enhance and extend learning. Our presenters are local scientists and technical experts who bring scientific equipment and resources plus amazing activities to the classroom, and have extensive experience working with children.

When is the best time to book?

The answer is simple - any time! It's a good idea to book as early as possible to ensure that you get the workshop you want, when you want it.

Visit our booking page to book online.

What preparation is needed for a workshop?

Once you and your presenter have chosen a date for your workshop, your presenter will send you a confirmation highlighting the date and time of the workshop, outlining activities and connections to the curriculum and offering suggestions for classroom set-up. We appreciate your help in preparing your classroom for your workshop. Your presenter will also provide a follow-up resource package for your chosen topic. This is an excellent tool that will provide ideas to enhance classroom science lessons and extend the learning. Parent volunteers are sometimes requested for a workshop. Here's some copy (suggested by a teacher) that you can include in a letter requesting volunteers.