Workshop Program

Scientists in School provides over 83 curriculum-aligned STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and special interest workshops for young scientists in Kindergarten to Grade 8. Many are well-suited for combined grades. SiS workshops connect students and teachers to real world science and science role models.

Scientists in School workshops vary by geographic area. Download your regional catalogue to see the full list of workshops available in your area.

* Denotes the workshops that are suitable for combined grades


Kindergarten/ECS: Backyard Bugs - I Can Be a Scientist - Marvellous Magnets for Little Explorers - Science Wow! - Winter Wonders!

Primary: Don't Take Rocks for Granite - Life's Like That - Looking at Liquids - Magnet Mysteries - Never Say Ugh to a Bug - Reasons for the Seasons - Science Wow! - Sensational Science - Structures: Stable and Strong - Structures: Under Construction

Junior: Clued into Forensic Science - Electricity: Get Charged - It Really Matters - Let's Take Flight - Light Up Your Life - Plants Do Amazing Things - Science Wow! - Space: Above and Beyond - Weather Watch - What a Waste! - Wheels in Motion: Pulleys, Gears, and Levers

Intermediate: Cell Explorers: Investigating Cell Structure and Function - Ecosystems for Life - Science Wow! - What on Earth!



Backyard Bugs - Buzz about Bees - I Can Be a Scientist - Magnet Magic for Little Explorers - Sensational Science - Simply Marvellous Machines - There's No Place like Home! - Water Fun for Kindergarten Scientists - Winter Wonders! - Young Friends of the Earth


Primary: Animal Coverings And Adaptations* - Let It Flow: Air And Water - Soil: It's Too Important To Be Treated Like Dirt!

Junior: Celestial Sleuths - Conserve your Energy - Don't take Rocks for Granite - Energy: The Power to Change

Intermediate: Groundwater Investigations - Hot Stuff!


Primary: Food Chains* - Keep Track: Animal Autographs* - Never say Ugh to a Bug* - Ocean Habitats and Adaptations - Plants Do Amazing Things

Junior: Battles in the Tropical Rainforest* - Body Works - Classy Critters - Habitats and Communities

Intermediate: Cell Explorers: Investigating Cell Structure and Function


Primary: Math: It Counts*

Junior: Fractions In Action* - Math Builders: Math From The Ground Up*

Intermediate: Math Is My Business*


Primary: Energy Makes It Happen - Force, Of Course! - Looking at Liquids

Junior: Electricity: Get Charged - Light Up Your Life - Sound is Music to my Ears - What in the World is Matter?

Intermediate: Close Encounters of a Chemical Kind - Fluid Power


Primary: Kitchen Chemistry for Curious Kids* - Microscopy: More than Meets the Eye* - Sense and Sense-Abilities - Toys and Technology: Fun with Physics*

Junior: Adventures in the Bone Zone* - Brainstorm: Journey to the Centre of the Mind* - Clued into Forensic Science* - Charge Up Your Energy*

Intermediate: And the Band Played On* - Gene: How Do You Pass It On* - Global Climate Change*


Primary: Get Moving with Toys! - Move It! - Structures: Stable and Strong - Structures: Under Construction

Junior: Air and Flight - Gearing Up: Fun with Pulleys and Gears - May the Force be with You

Intermediate: Engineering Challenges - Systems at Work

ONTARIO : PROGRAMME EN FRANÇAIS - Offert seulement à Ottawa

Maternelle et jardin : Je peux être un scientifique - À la découverte des machines simples!

1re : Avec l'énergie, c'est possible! - Les animaux : ruses et environnement* - Structures: en chantier!

2e année : Air et eau : à la source de la vie - Ça bouge! - Jetons un coup d'oeil aux liquides - Les animaux : ruses et environnement*

3e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* - Le sol : un trésor sous nos pieds - Structures : stables et solides - Tours de force!

4e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* - Engrenages et poulies : du plaisir garanti! - Illuminez votre vie - Roches et fossiles : faites d'une pierre deux coups!

5e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* - Le corps humain - Que la force soit avec toi! - Qu'est-ce que la matière?

6e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* - Des bestioles avec de la classe - L'air et le vol - L'électricité : un sujet électrisant! - La conquête de l'espace