At Scientists in School (SiS), we love hearing from parents, teachers and especially young people who have been involved in our workshops.

Did your child come home from school excited about their day with SiS?

Has your child shown interest in pursuing a science or engineering career as a result of their participation in SiS?

Kids and youth! Did a SiS workshop increase your interest in science or technology? If so, tell us! We would love to hear from you!!!

Do you have questions or feedback about a workshop or a presenter that can help us do a better job?

We are interested in your stories and your ideas. Simply send an email to your local SiS office by clicking here. When you share a story, we may put it up on this website - but not before seeking your permission!

Stories From Our 'Science Labs'

For over 20 years, students, teachers, parents and even our co-workers have shared stories that put a smile on our faces while demonstrating our program's impact. Here is an example of what has been shared:

From Students:

A Grade 4 boy named Ali called early one day to talk to the scientist who had visited his class. He was excited to share that he heard on the news that morning that there was a new fast train in Japan and it was fast because of magnets. In his words, "On the train there is a North magnet and on the track there is a South magnet and that's what makes this new train go so fast!" While it was remarkable in itself that a nine year old boy would want to share the latest technological advancement with the scientist he'd connected with during SiS's visit, we were excited to realize in talking to Ali that he was in Grade 3 when he participated in our 'Magnetism' workshop, and that 18 months had gone by since that time. SiS's visits have a long-lasting impact. And importantly, Ali was able to connect the knowledge from his discoveries about magnetism to the world around him.

"Thank you for showing us all those cool things on Wednesday and for answering all my questions. I really liked it when you made the dry ice and when you let us do the experiment with flashlights. I wonder if someday I'll do something important like join NASA or be the first person on Mars. A kid can dream."

- A Grade 6 student after a 'Celestial Sleuths' workshop

What Teachers Have Shared:

A grade 6 teacher shared that she noticed that a girl in her class was counting down the days in her agenda to something. When asked what it was all about, she replied, "I'm counting the days until Scientists in School comes back". It was great to hear that SiS ranked right up there with Christmas and the last day of school!

"This was my third experience with Scientists in School. Three different workshops in two different divisions (primary and junior) and I can't say enough about how impressed I have been. Every single student has been actively engaged in real, meaningful learning - every teacher's dream! This is the kind of program we should be proudly exporting to the world as a powerful Canadian contribution to education."

- C. Lawley, Grade 3 Teacher, Regent Park/Duke of York PS, Toronto District School Board

What SiS Presenters Have Shared About Their Experiences:

"A girl in the hall saw that I was from Scientists in School and told me that they had 'Scientist Miranda' in their class the month before. I told her that I was friends with 'Scientist Miranda' and asked her what topic had been presented. She said, 'Sound'. She asked me what I was presenting and I told her Heat Energy, to which she replied that she knew something about energy because of 'Scientist Miranda'. Then she asked me to tell' Scientist Miranda' that she got her first 'A' in Science because of her!"

"While walking on a street near a school that I had completed a workshop at two months earlier, a student recognized me, called me by my name and went on to tell me how the workshop encouraged her to focus more on science because, 'I want to invent something when I am older.'"

"My favourite SiS moment occurred after one of the first "Body Works" workshops that I taught in a Brampton school. A very small and sincere girl, who had newly immigrated to Canada, approached me after the workshop, looked me straight in the eye and with conviction told me that she was going to be a scientist when she grew up ... and by the way ... could she have my autograph? In what other job can you be given so much?"


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