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At Scientists in School (SiS), we are constantly working to improve our workshops to better meet your needs and those of your students. Your feedback is invaluable.

Did a SiS workshop awaken a passion for
science and technology in a particular student?

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scientist or an engineer as a result of their participation in a SiS workshop?

Did SiS do a good job? How can we improve?

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child experimenting with pulleys

Our Track Record of Success in the Classroom

A large-scale research study released by the University of Toronto in 2006 found that after their SiS classroom experiences:

  • 75% of students were more interested in science
  • 99% of teachers reported their students learning in science and technology was enriched
  • 90% of teachers indicated an enhanced confidence in teaching science and technology
  • 100% of parents felt that SiS benefited their child’s understanding of science concepts
  • Parent volunteers were inspired and had an increased interest in science
  • The results were overwhelmingly positive for all students; the highest impact was found for female students and students from schools with low EQAO scores