Spotlight: John C. Urschel

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12:45 pm - 1:15 pm EST



John C. Urschel is a Canadian-American mathematician and former professional American football player.

John was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and as a child enjoyed math and logic puzzles. By the time he was 13, John was auditing college-level calculus courses. He received his PhD in mathematics at MIT and is currently a Harvard Junior Fellow. His research is focused on graph theory, numerical analysis, and machine learning. Urschel was named to Forbes’ “30 under 30” list of outstanding young scientists.

John also played college football at Penn State and pursued an NFL career with the Baltimore Ravens. He announced his retirement in 2017, at the age of 26 years old.

John is also the author of “Mind and Matter: A Life in Math and Football”. In the book, John says, “Many people see me as a walking contradiction. They think that the pursuit of excellence in football makes the pursuit of excellence in mathematics impossible.”

Join us as we explore Urschel’s incredible journey – a journey in both math and football! It is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

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