Spotlight: The Science Behind Art Restoration, Alicia Coutts & Emily Joyce

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12:45 pm - 1:15 pm EST



The science behind art restoration with Alicia H. Coutts, Director and Head Conservator at Toronto Art Restoration Inc. (TARI), and Emily Joyce, Paintings Conservator!

Join us for a colourful and fascinating conversation exploring the world of art restoration. The art of preserving and restoring art is surprisingly far more scientific than one might imagine. The art of art conservation uses science to paint a complete picture of a painting’s lifetime and Alicia and Emily masterfully guide us through these steps. They use chemistry and scientific techniques to clean, protect, preserve and restore art. Something as simple as removing the dirt off of paintings involves some pretty cool chemistry like testing the solubility, alkalinity, and pH of substances.

Join us and witness first-hand the process of restoring three-dimensional geese sculptures, a part of the renowned art installation, Flight Stop, by the late Canadian artist, Michael Snow. Highlights also include the restoration of an oil painting, a discussion of the history and chemistry of paint and paint materials, and a conversation on how to increase support and recognition of underrepresented communities within heritage conservation.

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