Spotlight with Scientists in School: Tim Haltigin

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12:45 pm - 1:15 pm EST



Tim Haltigin is the Senior Mission Scientist in Planetary Exploration at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Tim is leading Canada’s efforts in exploring the solar system and inspiring the next generation of science leaders!

Tim describes himself as a space nut. He grew up in Saskatchewan where he fondly remembers falling in love with the night sky. He followed his passion, studied geomorphology, and is currently helping Canada participate in missions throughout the solar system.

Tim shares his exciting adventures of chasing asteroids or cosmic time capsules in space. He has been an integral part of the exciting OSIRIS-REx mission, a NASA-led mission that is collecting a sample from Bennu, an orbiting carbonaceous near-Earth asteroid. How do you chase an asteroid in space? How do you collect a sample? What mysteries will this mission unlock? Tim answers all these questions and more!

Join as for a fascinating conversation on Bennu, Mars, supernovas, and why sparking curiosity and wonder is totally out of this world!

Fun fact! OSIRIS-REx and the asteroid sample capsule of Bennu is on its way back to Earth and expected to land on September 24th, 2023!

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