Help Our Holiday Elf Bring More Science to Schools!

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Earlier this morning, we discovered a holiday elf on the loose at Scientists in School! Our “little helper” Ella Mint has one holiday wish: To help us bring more hands-on science and engineering workshops to schools in 2018.

Throughout the month of December, Ella Mint will be making appearances on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds to bring some holiday joy in the best way she knows how: By sharing hands-on science activities and frosty facts for all to enjoy!

In this exclusive interview, we sat down with Ella Mint to find out why she wants to help more children and youth discover their world through science in 2018.

Scientists in School: Why are you supporting Scientists in School?

Ella Mint: Many people don’t know that Scientists in School is a charity–meaning that many of your amazing workshops are subsidized thanks to generous donors. These donations help keep workshop costs low and ensure that every year over 690,000 children in Ontario and Alberta get the enriching classroom and community science workshops they deserve, and need, to build a better future for Canada. Each year, Scientists in School serves over 300 communities across Ontario and Alberta, delivering 1,350 community workshops and close to 25,000 classroom workshops! These generous donors have inspired me to help Scientists in School change the lives of children.

Scientists in School: Why is science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) important to you as an elf?

Ella Mint: STEM isn’t just important to me—it’s important to every aspect of our everyday lives. Whether it’s the apps we use to share holiday photos with friends or the snow that we see falling from the sky! Think of all the important things you use, see and depend on in your life—like the lights that you use to decorate your tree or the marshmallows that float in your hot chocolate—someone used scientific principles and innovation to come up with these ideas and change the world that we live in! Who knows, maybe a student from the 2,400 schools that Scientists in School reaches each year will one day change the world with a brilliant idea!

Scientists in School: Why do you want to help us bring STEM to more children, specifically?

Ella Mint: I’ll tell you a short story. When I was a little elf, I used to think science was boring and unimportant. Then one day one of Scientists in School’s smart and passionate science presenters came to Elf School. Not only did she bring interesting science materials to the classroom but she also took the time to make sure everyone felt included and encouraged during the hands-on experiments! From then on my life was changed forever. I hope to help Scientists in School inspire children like I was inspired that day in the classroom.

Scientists in School: How can people help you bring more science to schools in 2018?

Ella Mint: I am extremely grateful to anyone who donates to Scientists in School, whether they are a one-time donor, a sponsor, or a long-time supporter. Anyone who wants to donate to Scientists in School can do so by visiting the Donate page. They can also spread the science joy this holiday season by liking and sharing Scientists in School’s posts on Facebook and Twitter!

To keep up with Ella Mint’s science shenanigans, make sure to follow Scientists in School on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss out on amazing science facts, activities and more!

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