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Our presenters are passionate and dynamic and the majority have academic or professional backgrounds in STEM. By sparking curiosity, confidence, and imagination in the next generation, our presenters provide memorable opportunities for all children to see themselves as scientists.

Fast Facts:

Education and Background

  • Honors Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology/Minor in English from McMaster University
  • Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University
    • Taught Elementary and High School Science in Paraguay, South America, Dubai, U.A.E. and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for six years.
  • Certificate of Clinical Research from Humber College
    • Coordinated and ran human research studies in Oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital and Kidney Disease at Toronto General Hospital for five years.

Became a Scientists in School Presenter in:

  • 2018

Brooke is a dynamic presenter for the following topics:

  • Structures, Materials & More Grade 1
  • Finding Solutions! Grade 7

Get to know Brooke!

Did you love STEM as a child?

My love of STEM didn’t begin until the end of high school! As a young child, I loved history and enjoyed reading. My plan was to become an author. That all changed when classes introduced hands-on explorations. This sparked my love for science. Dissecting worms in biology and running labs in chemistry class spurred a life-long love of STEM!

This is why I love Scientists in School! It makes me so happy to give young scientists the chance to explore hands-on science in a fun environment, so that they too, can discover how cool and fascinating science can be!

What sparked your interest in STEM?

As I got older, I grew to appreciate how amazing the world around me truly is. As cheesy as it might sound, I grew to appreciate the wonders of something as simple as taking a breath. I spent time working in hospitals and was involved in research developing new patient treatments and improving quality of life. I enjoyed and still enjoy learning how the human body works. What could be more interesting than learning about ourselves? Witnessing a new drug or new treatment unfold from the lab to human trials was amazing. My interest in STEM might have been sparked in high school, but it continues to grow to this day!

What do you enjoy about being a Scientists in School presenter?

I love working with students and witnessing their reactions to the workshops, from big smiles to a-ha moments. Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of running these workshops many, many times over, but it never gets boring. It’s the unique interactions, connections, and reactions with each class that makes each workshop as fun and engaging as if it was the first time I did it! I don’t mind when I get asked for my autograph either ;).

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to help people in my community! I volunteer for our local food bank and for Hope-to-Go, a program that prepares and serves hot lunch to people in need. Last year, they served over 8,000 hot meals! I also like hanging out with my dog, Zenia! Zenia is my jogging buddy and is practising running 5km with me. She loves to exercise and to stop and frolic in every leaf pile. It’s so cute!

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