Meet Our Presenter, Scientist June!

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Close to 400 workshop presenters are at the front-line of Scientists in School, delivering high-quality hands-on STEM workshops in schools and communities across Ontario and Southern Alberta. June, who presents Backyard Bugs (Kindergarten), What in the World is Matter (Grade 5), Hot Stuff (Grade 7), and Cell Explorers (Grade 8) in our South Central Ontario region is one of them!

June, who has a Medical Laboratory Technologist Diploma, has been with Scientists in School since 2004. We caught up with June about why she loves igniting STEM curiosity in children.

What are your STEM fields of interest?
Science is an ever-changing field that brings new discoveries and avenues to explore on an almost daily basis. We are now researching areas and topics that once were thought of as only science fiction.  I am always fascinated by the way the body works and the new discoveries we are making about the brain. We are such complex organisms, and the way everything functions together to sustain our life is nothing short of a miracle.

Why are you a Scientists in School presenter?
Scientists in School approached me about joining the newly formed team in Niagara where I could partner my love of science with my enjoyment of working with children. It was a perfect fit from the start. Seeing the students experience the wonder of science through hands-on learning is something that never gets old. Some things you can’t learn from a text book – you need to see it, feel it, smell it, and experience it first-hand. This is what makes science real for the students. The connection from concept to application solidifies the learning process.

Why do you do what you do?
The sheer joy that comes from opening kids’ eyes to a world of possibilities with science. Scientists in School is a great way to keep the spark of inquiry lit in the minds of children. If I can help a child grasp a new concept which they can see applied in real life, then my time in the class is making a difference!

We’re always looking for dynamic individuals to join our team. To become a Scientists in School STEM workshop presenter, visit our Careers page.

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