Meet Our Presenter, Scientist Wendy!

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Close to 400 workshop presenters are at the front-line of Scientists in School, delivering high-quality hands-on STEM workshops in schools and communities across Ontario and Southern Alberta. Scientist Wendy, who presents Animal Coverings and Adaptations (Grade 1 and 2), Kitchen Chemistry for Curious Kids (Grade 1 and 2), and Force of Course! (Grade 3) in our West Central Ontario region is one of them!

Wendy, who has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Anthropology and Biology from University of Toronto, has been a Scientists in School presenter for 18 years. We are truly grateful to have Wendy on our team to help ignite curiosity in young people. Wendy caught up with us about some of her fondest memories of being a Scientists in School presenter.

What are your STEM fields of interest?
Life Sciences and Biology

Why are you a Scientists in School presenter?
My nickname among my friends is “Nature Girl.” I’ve always been interested in science, especially in biology and the outdoors. Scientists in School gave me the ability to work in the science field, share my knowledge on the world that surrounds us, and instill an interest in the environment in today’s youth.

What are some of your favourite Scientists in School memories?
I’ll always cherish the thrill of arriving in a classroom and hearing the kids excitedly whisper, “That’s the scientist! That’s scientist Wendy!” It’s always fun to watch kids get excited over the experiments. For example, when the mushroom cap forms over the cup after mixing yeast with sugar, or when the balloon blows up with vinegar. It’s also rewarding when after teaching, the teacher will tell me how I engaged a child who normally doesn’t participate in class. It’s also funny when after class I am asked for my autograph!

What inspires you to do what you do?
I love science. Sharing my enthusiasm with other people, especially children, keeps me coming back to the classroom. I can only hope that I can help develop a lifelong love and respect for science in the children I teach.

We’re always looking for dynamic individuals to join our team. To become a Scientists in School STEM workshop presenter, visit our Careers page.

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