Statement on Anti-Black Racism

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Scientists in School recognizes the role we play as influencers in the lives of children. This is a role we take very seriously. Equity is a core tenet of our organization and we are constantly reviewing our impact and intent so that equity is integrated throughout our work. We are committed to proactively and equitably championing children and removing systemic barriers to learning opportunities that exist for Black children across Canada.

We recognize that there is room for improvement and much-needed action on our part. This can happen within Scientists in School, and through partnering with others to achieve more than any of us can individually. We must do better in integrating anti-racist attitudes into our work, both inside and outside of the classroom. We acknowledge that anti-Black racism and white privilege play a role in every aspect of life, including in educational settings and in the workplace.

Ongoing injustice, racist policies and harmful attitudes have existed for hundreds of years and still persist today. They will not change overnight, but the time is past overdue to stand up in solidarity with our Black colleagues, the children and youth that we engage across this country, educators and our collaborators in STEM.

We recognize that this is a long-term commitment. It requires hard but necessary work, and deep and honest reflection, that we must continue to review regularly over time. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we are committed to listening in order to learn, and to observing and then doing. We need to take a critical look at how our charity operates, and the assumptions that we make; we need to educate ourselves and do better at supporting our Black colleagues and partners in STEM. We need to help be the change through actions that support and uplift the Black community. Ultimately, we aspire to a culture and core values where the youth, teachers, parents, colleagues, and partners we work with succeed by being who they are regardless of race, gender, or orientation.

We have identified key areas that we will review now in order to strengthen our commitments to anti-racism policies and practices in the workplace and in our workshops. Our commitments fall under, but are not limited to, the following key areas:

  • Examining and revising recruitment practices as needed to build a more equitable workforce across our workshop presenter and staff teams
  • Revising our diversity and inclusion training methods (and frequency of training)
  • Reviewing our current communications and marketing practices
  • Identifying ways to provide more opportunities through our classroom and community workshops for Black children to participate in STEM enrichment and see themselves in future career possibilities

We unequivocally condemn anti-Black racism, targeting and discrimination of any kind. We stand in solidarity with the call for action to truly deliver change. We are committed to being a part of this necessary change through long-term work, meaningful action and unlearning.

We welcome ideas and feedback from our community on how we can do better, both as an employer and as influencers in the lives of children in Canada. Please email me directly at These steps are just a beginning.

Cindy Adams
Executive Director

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