Wetland Wonders!

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Wetlands are truly a wonder! February 2nd marks World Wetlands Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about wetlands. Wetlands are areas where the land doesn’t drain well and are usually classified as swamps, marshes, or bogs. They are home to a great variety of interesting plants and animals. Explore our suite of educational resources and bring the wonderful world of wetlands into your classroom.

Wetland Wonders! Virtual hands-on workshop.

Wetland Wonders! Workshop

Book Wetland Wonders! A virtual 60-minute hands-on workshop.

Dive into the world of wetlands. Discover who calls them home and how they influence their environment. Create a food chain, investigate adaptations and explore invasive species. Build a mini wetland, explore how it holds and filters water, and learn the importance of preserving this habitat. Wetlands are truly a wonder!

#DYK when you book a workshop that we provide all the materials for the investigations? Teacher prep time is minimal! We deliver mini science bags or as some say, mini bags of wonder, right to your class ahead of the scheduled workshop.

Our presenters are also live and can answer questions, guide students through the experiments, and open the wonders of STEM to your students in real time.

Our workshops are curriculum-aligned. Wetland Wonders is available for grades 3-4 in British Columbia, Grade 5 for Alberta, and Grade 4 for all other provinces. Check Provincial Catalogues on our website for full details. 

Watch Spotlight with Scientists in School and Meet a Wetland Expert

As part of our on-going STEM-career interview series, Spotlight with Scientists in School, we interviewed Kelsey Moxley, a Wetland Biologist and Fields Project Manager at Scales Nature Park. Kelsey is wild about wetlands. Through education, she hopes to empower and engage youth to take action to protect and restore our wetlands. Join the conversation and watchSpotlight with Scientists in School with Kelsey Moxley.

Enrich the Learning with Our Nature Videos

Join Scientist Heather on an outdoor adventure and discover the different types of wetlands in Canada. Identify frog calls and explore cool animals and plants that live in the water. Watch Exploring Wild Wetlands on our YouTube channel.

You can also join Scientist Heather as she explores phragmites! Found mostly in wetlands, these tall marshland reeds with feathery heads are quickly spreading throughout North America. Watch It’s in Our Nature: Phragmites and find out what you can do to help stop the spread of phragmites!

Put on your rubber boots!

Connecting with nature is a great way to get kids excited about protecting the environment and preserving our precious freshwater. So, put on some rubber boots, engage your sense of observation, and head to a Wild Wetland near you to find these 18 scavenger hunt items. Print Exploring Wild Wetlands Guide and look for cattails, water striders, dragonflies and more!

Let’s educate and empower children and youth to protect our wild spaces!

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