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Family Science Night

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  • Workshop TypeFamilies & Children
  • Delivery TypeOnline
  • Workshop available inAlberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan
  • Grade/AgesAges 4 – 12
  • Price $330.00 per session

Customize Your Online Family Science Night:

  1. Choose your topic(s). Choose your date(s).
  2. Choose the number of sessions you will need. Each session is 60 minutes, can accommodate 15 family connections, and includes up to 30 Mini Science Bags, shipped in advance with all the materials needed for a truly immersive experience.
  3. Hands-on activities and investigations can be structured to accommodate different ages.
  4. Online delivery using Microsoft Teams, and led live by our presenters, is secure and seamless.
  5. E-posters will be provided to advertise your event.

To organize your event:

  1. Contact to learn about scheduling options and how a Family Science Night can engage your school community.
  2. Book early to ensure you get your preferred evening.
  3. Secure funding.
  4. Choose a staff member to help organize the event, including collecting registrations and distributing the Mini Science Bags.
  5. Advertise the event to your school community.

Choose from the following topics:


Discover the surprising science hiding in a bag of Skittles. Explore solubility, buoyancy, reactivity and investigate the odds of finding your favourite colour. How sweet it is!


Join us for an action-packed adventure through the discovery zone, where you’ll explore colour chromatography, investigate why trees are important to engineers. and create an elastic-powered car. Every great scientist started out as a curious kid!


Da Vinci was an accomplished artist and skilled architect, and you can be, too. Paint to explore solubility, absorption, and surface tension. Become an inventor by taking our structure building challenge, and create a catapult. Discover the joy of combining science and art!


Discover a magical force that will levitate particles. Scatter light and create illusions that will thrill your audience. Experiment with colourful teas and unusual potions on this magical science adventure!


Sir Isaac Newton was one smart dude! Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as you investigate how things either move or stay put, and how every action produces a reaction. Race a waterdrop to the finish line and discover the effects of gravity on your very own tumble bunny!


Enjoy a few snippets of science! Be a chemist and discover the difference between baking soda and powder. Create a fantastical creature while investigating dominant and recessive genes. Make a pompom launcher and explore physics. Discover aeronautics by building and testing a plane. A snippet is just the beginning!


Jump, shoot, roll and glide; can you find the science in sport? Take a test to discover where your dominance lies. Create a sculpture to investigate how throwing a ball affects your balance. Discover physics by engineering a better hockey puck and building a mini golf course. Join us as we shoot, score and explore the science of sport.


Get sticky with it! Discover the science of sticky. Make your own glue from food products and test them to see how they hold. Create your own sticky art. And of course, there will be silly putty!

“The Scientist engaged our students in a wonderful workshop. It was easy to follow and fun! Students had a chance to use their senses and critical thinking skills, make observations, wonderings and learn about chemistry! I would recommend a Online Family Science Night to other schools!”

A participant after a “Candy Chemistry” Family Science Night

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