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Family Science Night

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  • Workshop TypeFamilies & Children
  • Delivery TypeVirtual
  • Workshop available inAlberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan
  • Grade/AgesAges 4 – 12
  • Price $330.00 per session

Customize Your Virtual Family Science Night:

  1. Choose your topic(s). Choose your date(s).
  2. Choose the number of sessions you will need. Each session is 60 minutes, can accommodate 15 family connections, and includes up to 30 Mini Science Bags, shipped in advance with all the materials needed for a truly immersive experience.
  3. Hands-on activities and investigations can be structured to accommodate different ages.
  4. Virtual delivery using Microsoft Teams, and led live by our presenters, is secure and seamless.
  5. E-posters will be provided to advertise your event.

To organize your event:

  1. Contact to learn about scheduling options and how a Family Science Night can engage your school community.
  2. Book early to ensure you get your preferred evening.
  3. Secure funding.
  4. Choose a staff member to help organize the event, including collecting registrations and distributing the Mini Science Bags.
  5. Advertise the event to your school community.

Choose from the following topics:


Discover the science behind things that make you go…ewww! Make “snot” and sneeze it while exploring viscosity, identify various animals from their scat (i.e. poop) and learn about digestion while producing a burp in a bag. Join us on a gross but fun-filled science adventure!


Fun with soap and water? You’ll be astonished when you investigate surface tension; explore the chemistry behind bath bombs; and make your own to use at home. It’ll be an explosion of chemical fun!


Chicka-dee-dee-dee. Who was that? Play a game to discover nature sounds around us. Buzz your newly created bee around flowers to pollinate them. Investigate seeds and make a seed caterpillar that will grow over time. Notice all that nature has to offer, big and small!


Welcome to the amusement park – where we’ll be bumping, spinning, zipping and rolling! Discover the actions and reactions of bumper cars. Explore the forces at work when you spin. Create a zipline while investigating gravity. Design a roller coaster to meet a challenge. It’s all about the physics of riding ‘n’ rolling!


Discover what happens when science meets art! Explore perception as you use shadows, colour, motion, and light to create art from science. You’ll make a puppet, a spinning top and a kaleidoscope, as well as design your own galaxy. “The greatest scientists are always artists as well!” (Albert Einstein)


Humans have always been fascinated by flight. Come and explore the wonderful world of birds and other things that fly. Make a birdfeeder; fly a glider; and explore how a taketombo works. We will wing our way through the sky.

“The Scientist engaged our students in a wonderful workshop. It was easy to follow and fun! Students had a chance to use their senses and critical thinking skills, make observations, wonderings and learn about chemistry! I would recommend a Virtual Family Science Night to other schools!”

A participant after a “Candy Chemistry” Family Science Night

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