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STEM Workshops and Programs

Our online workshops* are available across Canada and open the wonders of science and engineering to everyone, foster environmental stewardship, and encourage children to discover how science is used in their everyday world. They provide rich, engaging and investigative experiences with plentiful opportunities for youth to interact with the ‘visiting’ scientist guiding the workshop.

We are currently offering on-site workshops in select areas across Ontario including Toronto, Durham, Peel, York, Guelph and Ottawa.

*All online workshops include mini science bags individually-packaged for each participant and sent ahead of the session date.

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How Our Investigative Virtual Workshops Work

Browse our topics and choose the best one for your needs.

Choose your preferred date and book your workshop.

Receive Mini Science Bags and distribute to children.

On your scheduled date, connect to our presenter live via Microsoft Teams.

Watch the wonder and joy your young scientists experience with Scientists in School!

Our STEM Workshops Offer:

  • Individually packaged investigative materials provided in advance.
  • Fun and engaging investigations that build critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • The opportunity to highlight STEM careers and professional opportunities for students.
  • Dynamic presenters, who are scientists, engineers, and technologists.


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What Makes Scientists in School Experiences So Impactful?

  • Children get to explore and discover using topic-specific materials in our highly investigative and engaging workshops.
  • Our presenters have academic or professional backgrounds in STEM, and experience working with youth.
  • We offer free resources, including post-workshop extension packages, so that the learning can continue long after the workshop ends!
  • As a charity, our amazing donors subsidize all of our workshops, which keeps the cost more affordable.
  • We have been developing and delivering high-quality STEM enrichment since 1989 and have inspired over 10 million children across Canada.

Value Proposition

Your inquisitive young scientists (and their parents for business events), under the guidance of experts, will become scientists, engineers and environmental stewards while developing the global competency skills they need to become tomorrow’s STEM workforce.

Our Impact


Children and youth inspired through workshops annually


Investigative workshops delivered annually


Of the children we reach live in communities where they face barriers to educational enrichment, including low-income, Indigenous, rural, remote and newcomer communities.


Young scientists inspired since 1989

10 Million Young Scientists Inspired Since 1989

Impact Story : Nicholas, Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto

“In all of these investigations, I felt a sense of wonder instilled in me by the program. I was always excited going into Scientists in School, as I knew I would learn so much more about what I had observed on my own in the outside world. From analyzing the construction of insects to the physics of simple machines, my curiosity was always reinforced by the omnipresent sense of wonder I felt while completing that day’s experiments and activities.”