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Book a workshop today!

As we reach the half-way mark of the school year, we’re excited by the possibilities of the New Year. Our goal is to collaborate with even more teachers, parents and educators to help prepare today’s generation with the scientific skills they need, no matter what path they follow. That’s where you come in! By booking curriculum-aligned science workshops with Scientists in School, you’re helping kids dream big and think of how they can make a difference in the future.

As a non-profit, we keep workshop costs low, allowing teachers and parents the ability to provide a unique and memorable experience for students. Our curriculum-aligned workshops are designed to support the STEM curricula, as well as encourage the development of crucial 21st century global competency skills like critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and teamwork. With the guidance of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable science workshop presenters, kids question, investigate, observe and discover.

Sound exciting? Here’s how you can book a workshop with Scientists in School and help foster today’s leaders and innovators.

How to book a Scientists in School workshop

Through our Booking Page, which can be accessed by clicking the “Book a Workshop” button at the top of our website, it’s now easier to book a Scientists in School workshop (or a few!)

Our online booking form allows you to select the year, your school board, the workshops you’d like to book, and more. The booking page also offers descriptions of each workshop so you can easily browse through topics and pick the best ones for your class.

Select a year and school.


Tip: You can also book workshops by filling out a printable booking form and submitting it to Scientists in School by mail or fax. To find a booking form for your region, or to browse through our catalogues, visit our Workshops page.

Remember, our workshops are guaranteed to be fun. We can’t wait to see you in the New Year!

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