Da Vinci and Newton – Two Smart Dudes!

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Say Leonardo da Vinci and the image of Mona Lisa comes to mind, utter Sir Isaac Newton and the image of Newton sitting under a tree with an apple falling on his head comes to mind. Newton and da Vinci were extraordinary thinkers and innovators that have more in common than you might think. Both of these Renaissance men made significant contributions to the fields of science, art, and engineering!

Newton and da Vinci were both polymaths, meaning they had expertise in multiple fields of study. Da Vinci was not only a painter, sculptor, and musician but he was also a scientist. One of da Vinci’s most notable contributions was in the field of human anatomy. He was one of the first people to make detailed drawings of bones, muscles, and organs. He also conducted experiments to understand the properties of light and shadows and was an accomplished engineer and inventor of several flying machines! 

Sir Isaac Newton, often referred to as the founding father of science, contributed immensely to the science of gravity, planetary motion, and optics! Newton’s three laws of motion revolutionized the field of physics and laid the foundation for our understanding of how objects move.

Both Newton and da Vinci were influential figures during the Renaissance and their contributions inspired the development of our three new community workshops! Our community workshops are designed with 4 to12-year-olds in mind, with hands-on investigations and activities led by a dynamic presenter. These 60-minute sessions are perfect for daycares, libraries, after-school programs, summer or school break camps, and birthday parties, too! Check out our full suite of Community Workshops!

New 2023 Workshops!

Do it Like da Vinci

Da Vinci was an accomplished artist and skilled scientist and you can be, too. Paint to explore solubility, absorption, and surface tension. Weave a colourful pattern to model climate change. Create a pneumatic creature to investigate the power of air. Discover the joy of combining science and art!

Obey Newton: It’s the Law

Sir Isaac Newton was one smart dude! Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as you investigate how things either move or stay put, and how every action produces a reaction. Race a waterdrop to the finish line and discover the effects of gravity on your very own tumble bunny!

Science Snippets

Enjoy a few snippets of science! Be a chemist and discover the difference between baking soda and powder. Create a fantastical creature while exploring dominant and recessive genes. Make a musical instrument and play a tune to investigate sound. Discover aeronautics by building and testing a plane. A snippet is just the beginning!

*Virtual workshops are available across Canada. Must have access to reliable internet. Mini Science Bags are sent ahead for each participant.

**Select topics are available on-site in some regions of Ontario: Toronto, Peel, Durham, York, and Guelph, and also Alberta: Calgary and area

Photo credit for banner image illustrations: Vecteezy.com 

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