Give the Gift of Imagination

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Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Christmas, and Kwanzaa… December is a season of celebration. For many, these celebrations are synonymous with gifts and giving. This year, we wanted to help you with your gift-giving.

We’re  excited to launch our STEM-based gift guide, filled with ideas for giving and for, bringing science to life for the young – and not so young- scientists in your life!

Introducing our first ever Give the Gift of Imagination Guide.

STEM-based Activities and Gifts

Check out some science-based books for your child, t-shirts that shout “Science Rocks”, and a selection of fun, free activities, like how to Engineer a Gingerbread House.

Amazon Wish List

Our Imagination Wish List is here!!

Did you know we need LED party lights to build a solar clock for telling time in our workshop, Our Place in Space? We need lots of friction cars to illustrate Newton’s Third Law and the Coanda effect in our workshop, Up in the Air! And we need lots of copper wire to build circuits in our workshop, Electricity: Close the Circuit.

Your support will help us get materials on our shelves and into the hands of curious young scientists!

Why Your Support Matters!

Scientists in School believes that all children in Canada – regardless of income-level, gender, cultural background or where they live – deserve STEM learning experiences that make them curious and encourage them to learn more. These experiences also help develop skills that are essential for the workforce, today and tomorrow.

Research shows that children learn best by doing. This is even more important for subjects seen as “hard”, like science and math. But not all children have access to the kind of hands-on activities that spur their interest and imaginations. Funds raised help keep our workshops accessible for all children.

Thank you for helping us Give the Gift of Imagination to children and youth across Canada.

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