5 Ways Science Workshop Presenters Make a Difference

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We all remember that one person who opened our minds up to a subject, concept or new discovery. The person who really got us hooked and interested about one of our passions. The person who changed our perception and challenged us to think bigger, differently or courageously. In each of our classroom and community workshops, our science workshops presenters become that special person in the lives of Canadian children. By fostering learning through highly investigative classroom and community workshops, science workshop presenters provide kids with the tools to build a successful and aspirational future.

Here are 5 ways Scientists in School science workshop presenters make a difference in the lives of Canadian children and youth.

They inspire Canadian children and youth to think big.

Not every child will grow up to be a scientist, but every child does deserve enriching educational opportunities that encourage them to think big. We often hear from alumni that they chose a career in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) thanks to the encouragement and passion of a science workshop presenter. “Cool workshop activities showed me that science isn’t all just textbooks,” says Hannah, a Biological Sciences student at the University of Guelph. “I asked lots of questions and the presenters always answered them. The presenters were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable.” With close to 25,000 classroom workshops delivered by them each year, science workshop presenters help spark ideas that could one day revolutionize the way the world works. To see how our presenters influence Canadian children and youth to think critically about their future, follow the hashtag #SiSImpact on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

They show kids that STEM can be fun and hands-on.

Many children view science as “boring” or too difficult before they are even encouraged to think about STEM differently. That’s where our presenters come in to help teachers show students otherwise. By showing children that science can be fun and hands-on through inquiry-based discovery, science workshop presenters provide enriching moments for students. Many children take what they learned from an enthusiastic science workshop presenter and apply those scientific concepts at home. “It never ceases to amaze me when a student comes up with a great scientific idea,” says an “Electricity: Get Charged!” presenter who has been with Scientists in School for over 5 years. “We used salt water as our electrolyte when we built homemade batteries. One student asked whether Gatorade (an electrolyte solution) would work. This lead to an experiment he later conducted at home!”

They change the way kids define what makes a scientist.

Children using microscopes to observe insects.

When a Scientists in School science workshop presenter walks into a classroom, kids learn that scientists look entirely different than what they’d always thought. As one presenter puts it, students get to see that scientists are regular people—just like them—and that a career in STEM is attainable. Our science workshop presenters are not only scientists and engineers with inspiring backgrounds, or amazing individuals with teaching experience, they are also role models to the over 695,000 children they visit every year. One student gave a presenter an energetic hug after an “I Can Be a Scientist” workshop, exclaiming that he wanted to be a scientist just like her someday! “At that moment I was so overcome with emotion, I started to tear up. I couldn’t believe what had transpired. It was quite a life changing moment, to recognize it’s about sharing and inspiring others—and when you least expect it, you can make a difference,” the presenter said.

They make a positive impact outside the classroom.

With over 1,350 community workshops delivered every year, our community workshop program is designed to create enthusiasm for science among youth outside of their classrooms. Just like our award-winning classroom program, our science workshop presenters bring subject expertise, discovery-based learning methodologies, and specialized materials and equipment to every community workshop. Through engaging and discovery-based community workshops at daycares, summer and March break camps, after-school programs and more, science workshop presenters extend learning beyond the classroom and into the real world.

Students remember science presenters long after they’ve visited their class.

Scientists in School’s workshops are memorable for students. We hear time and time again—often from students who have long left their elementary days behind—that Scientists in School was something they looked forward to year after year. After a Scientists in School workshop, many children excitedly tell the presenters that this was the best day ever and that they want to be a scientist just like them!

Do you want to become a Scientists in School science workshop presenter and make a difference in the lives of Canadian children and youth? We’re always looking for dynamic and motivated individuals who strive to make STEM exhilarating for kids and who enjoy having a flexible schedule filled with meaningful work. For more information on how to become a science workshop presenter, please visit our Careers page.

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